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OTA Kit shown with Optional Frame Bracket
OTA Kit shown with Optional Frame Bracket

CavFab Jeep XJ Over the Axle (OTA) Track Bar System

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The CavFab Over the Axle Track Bar System

  • Double Adjustable
  • Currie Enterprises Johnny Joints on BOTH ends
  • CNC Precision Laser Cut Axle Bracket
  • Includes weld on Axle Side OTA bracket AND HD Bolt on Frame Side Double Sheer Bracket
  • Engineered to allow steering to be ran either Over or Under the knuckle. 2 mounting locations on the axle side bracket allows you to dial in your steering geometry.
  • NO BS WARRANTY, you break it...we replace it!
  • Works on 3" Lift and up. Lifts under 4.5" may require extended bumpstops to prevent track bar from contacting diff cover.
  • Will not work on older jeeps with vacuum disconnect axle
Our OTA track bar system relocates your Jeeps track bar to the top of the axle. This allows for more parallel steering geometry in both UTK (under the knuckle) and OTK (over the knuckle) applications. In an ideal steering setup you want your drag link to be at as flat as an angle as possible, while also being on a parallel angle with the track bar itself. Our OTA Track bar system offers 2 mounting orientations for the track bar on the axle side...this allows you to run your steering under or over the knuckle while still maintaining near perfect geometry between the track bar and drag link. This OTA track bar setup can be purchased on its own, or along with our CrossOver Steering system. Our OTA track bar setup will work with other brands of steering, however we have engineered this to work most ideally with our CrossOver setup. 

    **The OTA Trackbar setup does require that you WELD the new axle bracket in place (as do all OTA setups)**

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