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Factor55 ProLink XXL

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Factor55 ProLink XXL

Product Description

The Factor 55 ProLink XXL is the largest and strongest ProLink winch shackle mount in production. The ProLink XXL provides winch owners with a means to replace the conventional winch hook with a safer and stronger screw pin shackle/D-ring. Originally designed for military 24,000 pound winch applications, the ProLink XXL is now available to the general public.

Like all models in the ProLink family, the XXL is engineered and made in the USA from 6000 series billet aluminum and is equipped with a 6Al-4V titanium double shear pin. In this case the shear pin diameter is .750 inches. The base of the XXL is protected by the barbed high durometer EPDM rubber guard. With a working load limit of 24,000 pounds and an ultimate failure of over 63,000 pounds, the Prolink XXL is definitely up to the task.

The XXL is compatible with steel cables and synthetic ropes up to ½ inch in diameter. The XXL is also compatible with common ¾ inch shackles as well as larger 7/8 inch shackles. Like other ProLink products, the XXL is available in 5 anodized/powder coated colors – black, silver, gray, red, and blue.

U.S. Utility Patent No. 9,388,025
Foreign Patents Pending

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